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iniBuilds Releases A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE V2 Update

Popular developer iniBuilds took to their Discord server to announce the release of their anticipated A300-600R(F) V2 update for X-Plane.

This major update aims at improving most systems present in the current rendition as well as adding brand new features to the aircraft.

NEW FLight Model

Firstly, the developer has completely reworked the flight model from scratch using newer Aerofoil data. This gives the user a completely different experience when flying the aircraft. Moreover, the new version brings tweaked CG calculation and climbing performance, giving the user a more realistic flight model. The new v2 version also takes advantage of X-Plane’s experimental flight model.

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Likewise, iniBuilds has done a lot of work in improving aircraft systematics. A notable improvement in the electric system is the addition of a self-test for the STBY generator. The improved ECAM system gives more accurate messages in case of a failure. With the v2 version, more than 70 failures are included, giving the user a wider array of tricky situations to simulate. Overall, many improved systems give the new A300 v2 higher fidelity.


Acoustics aficionados should pay attention to the sounds as iniBuild is now implementing new sounds to the v2 version. The EFB is also subject to an improvement, with more accurate performance calculations. An autosave feature is also present within the EFB. This allows users to load custom scenarios or recover a flight from a crash.

Another notable addition to the A300 v2 is the IDC tuning panel. This new LCD is a modern alternative to the older radio panel. It brings many new possibilities such as Hoppie integration and CPDLC abilities.

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Last but not least, iniBuild reworked the A300 exterior modelling and texturing. Engine textures for both the GE and PW variants are now improved. The improved fuse length of the A300 complements well the revised window and nose shape.

Many high-quality liveries created by the iniBuilds painting team are also now available, free of charge. Some liveries will even include wear and tear for added realism. There is also a brand new full cargo interior for the A300F variant, allowing for a full interactive cargo loading experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the changes and improvements implemented in the v2 version, have a look at iniBuild’s latest YouTube video:

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Alternatively, have a read on George’s article, which talks about development on iniBuild’s upcoming A310 rendition for MSFS.

The new aircraft version is available to be installed through the iniManager interface. The update is free of charge for current A300 v1 users.

If you are interested in owning the aircraft, you can do so from the iniBuilds store for an approx price €83.04 EUR (or 69.99 GBP).

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Change Log :

Flight model

  • Brand new FM for the A300 V2 vs the V1. Using new Aerofoil data on both the THS and wings.
  • New FM taking advantage of the experimental FM in XP.
  • New CG calculation allows for more accurate CG across the whole flight envelope. 
  • Landing gear travel range enhanced
  • More accurate climb performance in upper FLs due to custom system feeding engine thrust data.
  • Enhanced landing feel for even more accuracy.



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  • STBY generator function adjusted. Added function of self-test when on the ground.
  • AC BUS1 and AC BUS 2 failure added ELEC system adjusted to respond to this failure 
  • Dual AC BUS failure added system adjust to match this failure including loss of flight controls and slats and flaps. 
  • LAND REC function adjusted and enhanced. LAND REC when pressed will now bring back correct flight controls and also bring back slats and flaps operations. 
  • The flight on battery only items adjusted.


  • Green Yellow and Blue system failures added. Along with dual failures. 
  • Servo control failures added allowing flight controls to fail for a given HYD system but the rest of the system keeps functioning correctly.
  • HYD ACCU logic adjusted and enhanced. You can now empty the ACCU with parking brake applications meaning breaks will eventually fail to hold the aircraft. 
  • ALTN BRKS function adjusted and enhanced. If brake system selected to ALT or ALT ON and no yellow system pressure ACCU will correctly drain and braking system will be powered from the yellow system.
  • SLATS and FLAPS jammed failure added allowing for slats or flaps to be jammed at any point. 
  • Spoiler failures added.


  • Bleed output from engines adjusted and enhanced.
  • HP/LP valve logic adjusted and enhanced to be more accurate.
  • Pack pre cooler temperature adjusted 
  • ECAM SD page drawing adjusted to be more accurate.
  • APU bleed logic adjusted to correctly close HP valves when selected on.


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  • CGCC target values adjusted and made more accurate.
  • General CG change from fuel movement to trim tank adjusted and made more accurate
  • Fuel auto feed logic adjusted and enhanced. 
  • ECAM SD page drawing fully redone with new system giving much more accurate display of the auto fuel feeding process.
  • If CG outside of limits ECAM will be triggered and fault light shown on CGCC. 
  • Trim tank can be filled on the ground via EFB FOB box. 
  • MTOW adjusted to higher figure.
  • Trim tank logic adjusted with FWD feeding below FL200.


  • New ECAM system added to give more accurate results due to failures 
  • Over 150 ECAMs now in for the A300 V2. 
  • STS page failed items adjusted along with approach conditions. Such as landing distance factors etc.
  • Door page remade to reflect the real aircraft more accurately along with slide arming and disarming.


  • The IDC added as an option, you can toggle this on and off in the EFB. 
  • IDC allows for Hoppie integration and CPDLC functionality for some VATSIM / IVAO ATC stations.
  • CPDLC allows for free text messages to be sent between users and other aircraft and ATC. 
  • Ability to request PDC from some VATSIM / IVAO ATC stations. 
  • ATC MSG light added in flight deck along with correct call sound. 
  • Message sent and received on the IDC can be printed and stored in the fight deck next to the CPT. 
  • Keyboard input for IDC
  • IDC FREQ preset function added so you can store com FREQ. These are saved to a custom file and will stay after you close the sim. 


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  • Single engine AP operation added. 
  • Added custom controller for rudder trim.


  • Custom EGT system that now more accurately reflects EGT at MCT TOGA and CLB. 
  • More realistic cooling times and adjusted between GE and PW. 
  • Starting time adjusted to make even more accurate on both GE and PW. 
  • N2 / N1 ratio adjusted to make even more accurate. 
  • Hot starts are now possible with correct ECAM
  • Custom oil pressure system added so oil pressure builds during cranking of engine.
  • Engine indications are no longer the same. 

3D model and textures

  • Brand new PW 3D model and textures taken from the A310.
  • GE textures enhanced taken across from the A310.
  • Rear of aircraft 3D enhanced with new model for THS allowing full animation
  • Fuse length corrected
  • Nose shaped enhanced and window textures taken across from A310
  • Brand new full cargo interior for A300 F allowing full interactive persistent loading of cargo containers
  • Brand new textures for fuselage with more wear and tear. This will change per livery.


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  • Brand new GE and PW engine sounds based on the A310
  • All switches and sounds assets enhanced from A300 V1, close to all the sounds are taken from a real aircraft with multiple recordings of each switch.
  • Cabin sounds enhanced and based on assets taken from a real aircraft.


  • 70 custom failures added. Including Engine failures ELEC system failures and HYD failures. 
  • Failure system added to the FMS to allow management of failures.


  • Added landing distance module on EFB showing factored and non-factored landing distance for a given auto brake and weight combination. 
  • Added Avitab integration to allow for chart viewing. Extra download found on forum needed for this function to work. 
  • Takeoff data allowing more flap settings on given runway lengths
  • Added autosave management via the panel states module. 
  • Load sheet CG slider added, giving you the ability to set your own CG in flight and on the ground. 
  • GE and PW engine toggle added, allowing you to change engine type after load in or during flight (not recommended) 


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  • Added autosave system from A310, this allows automatic saving a set intervals and also custom save states which are persistent.


  • Constant computation of OPT altitudes to give more accurate reading during flight 
  • Step climbs added
  • ENG OUT functions added to the FMS including ENG OUT service celling etc.
  • TRP FMS ENG OUT logic added.
  • Brand new LNAV taken from Beluga and adapted to A300 this system includes fully custom roll channel for the AP, allowing much higher accuracy when flying at higher FLs and during RNAV approaches. 
  • Keyboard input added for FMS and IDC.

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