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iniBuilds Releases A310 MRTT, Announces iniManager and Beluga Update

Well-known developer IniBuild has taken to their forum page to release a development update on their current working projects for X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.


The military A310 expansion has finally been released. A310 customers will be able to add this expansion to their fleet by simply downloading it from the store, all free of charge.

The A310 MRTT is a military air to air refuelling multi-role transport aircraft. It is currently operated by the Luftwaffe and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Introduced by Airbus in 2004, this aircraft competes with Boeing’s KC135 tanker.

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The aircraft can not only carry up to 214 passengers but can also carry 36,000 kg of cargo.

The more astonishing feature of the aircraft is its refuelling ability. With a refuelling capacity of 40,000 kg, the A310 MRTT can refuel two aircraft at the same time. A hose and drogue system is used on both wings of the aircraft. IniBuild has done an excellent job modelling the exterior aspects and the refuelling animations. More importantly, IniBuild has also kept its high standards inside the aircraft by modelling the FOS panel (refuelling workstation) as well as the different configurations.

However, if you have noticed that a version of the aircraft is missing, then you are absolutely correct. The MedEvac variant of the A310 MRTT is yet to be released by iniBuilds. They have stated that they are nearly done with the cosmetic model and so hope for a release later this year.

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If you are interested to learn more about the aircraft, a walkthrough video is available on IniBuild’s YouTube channel.

BelugaST Update

In addition, the developer has also announced the upcoming features that will be added to the BelugaST in their next update.

Beluga pilots can now transport new cargo. From A400M and A320 fuse cargo pieces to chemical tanks or even a new helicopter, the A300ST comes with new artefacts to transport.

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iniBuilds Releases A310 MRTT, Announces iniManager and Beluga Update - IniBuilds, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane

Moreover, an autosave function will also be added, allowing simmers to resume flights in the unlikely event of a simulator crash. The CPDLC system that is currently present on the A300 will also be implemented on the Beluga aircraft.


Finally, IniBuild has announced the development of a management desktop app called iniManager. This new interface will allow IniBuild customers to easily install and update all owned products. In fact, the application can even automatically update a product without the need for action from the user.

The application is currently in Alpha Testing and will be compatible with X-Plane & Microsoft Flight Simulator for all their existing and partner add-ons.

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