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iniBuilds Shares A300-600R Dev Update and Trailer Ahead of Much Anticipated Release

iniBuilds took to their forums yesterday to share a brief developer update on its upcoming Airbus A300-600R rendition ahead of its end-of-year release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team also shared the official trailer of the highly anticipated airliner as part of its ongoing Winter Wonderland special sale event.

A300-600R Release Timeline

The team has been extensively testing and refining many of the features included with the product and has established all of the goodies that will be available at launch. iniBuilds has also shared a revised timeline for updates, hotfixes, and further expansions which is a little different from what was shared earlier.

Earlier, the A300-600R was supposed to be released for MSFS at the end of 2023 and a hotfix soon after, again, before 2023 is over. But in the revised timeline shared, a hotfix for potential issues will now be coming in January 2024, a delay of a couple more weeks. The Pratt & Whitney engine variant along with the CPDLC/ACARS simulation is also delayed and is now slated for a Q1 2024 release. Furthermore, the EPIC mod variant, which is a paid expansion, will come later in Q3/Q4 2024.

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Features and More Previews

The team at iniBuilds has also shared a list of all the features that will be available when the rendition drops anytime in the next couple of weeks. The aircraft rendition will feature a detailed custom FMS with SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, LNAV/VNAV, altitude and speed constraints, and HOLDs functionalities. Further features will include custom systems simulation for hydraulics, electrical, pressurization, and fuel operations.

The aircraft will also have cautions and warnings that are triggered by poor maintenance practices and will have RNAV and autoland capabilities. Yes, the aircraft will come with custom maintenance functions such as engine oil levels, APU oil levels, hydraulic fluid levels, brake wear, and tire wear.

The A300-600R will contain new and optimized PBR textures in 8K resolution with performance texture packs for lower-end systems. Moreover, the aircraft will also feature a reworked 3D cockpit model and newer exterior modeling of the freighter and passenger variants.

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A plethora of Easter eggs and eye candy associated with maintenance options and other abnormal situations such as brake wear indicators, fueling panel, openable APU cowling, openable engine cowlings [GE ONLY], APU Mechanic, visible tire wear, RAT, reactive windshield rain) will also be included at launch.

Additional Features and Closing Notes

iniBuilds’ A300 will also feature an authentic WWise sound set with a full 3D environment using recordings from real-world aircraft. Additional features will include pre-set cargo loads with visual models, a ground handling set (freighter stairs, chocks, GPU), a feature-rich EFB, and panel state functionality.

iniBuilds’ A300-600R with the GE engine version (and both freighter and PAX versions) is scheduled to be released anytime before the end of this month. The trailer shared by the team can be viewed below and showcases the stunning aircraft. For more flight sim-related news, announcements, updates, and more, be sure to check out FSNews.

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