iniScene Announces San Antonio for MSFS

The team at iniScene took to their YouTube page to announce their upcoming San Antonio Airport (KSAT) rendition for MSFS. This will become their seventh scenery for MSFS.

Although no features list is included, it can be deduced from the trailer that the rendition will include true to life ground markings.

Just like any good payware, the scenery will include handmade buildings and a modelled inner terminal.

Additionally, the trailer also showcases custom-made night lighting.

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Finally, the developer hinted at the inclusion of fine details like rain effects.

The trailer is available below for you to watch (please note that this trailer does not represent the final product).

San Antonio International is located in the area of Greater San Antonio, in Texas. The airport welcomed over 10 million passengers in its busiest year. Both freight and passenger carriers fly from San Antonio. Airlines based in the United States operate most of these flights, with Mexican carriers operating the rest. Destinations from the airport include vibrant Mexico City or even bustling New York.

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The developer did not announce when the scenery is going to release or what the scenery pricing will be.

If want to learn more about the developer, have a read at George’s article on iniScene London Heathrow.

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