JarDesign Previews A340 Taxi Camera

JarDesign has just a few moments ago taken to their Facebook page to address the highly-anticipated feature within the X-Plane 11 community, not only in regards to the JarDesign’s Airbus A340 rendition. A taxi camera helps the pilots guide bigger aircraft around the airport, especially in tight spots.

In the post, J. Romanov from JarDesign explained that the camera was already implemented in the aircraft before the release, but had to be removed due to low quality and generally X-Plane 11 not providing a good environment to work with such feature properly. Not to mention that the camera would not work at night.

The developer has, after explaining the issues he had with the camera system, asked the community for feedback, whether it is something that should be included in one of the future updates or not.

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The same feature is expected to be featured in the initial version of the Airbus A340 rendition from ToLiss that is currently scheduled to release in Q4 2021. A preview of that can be seen below.

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