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Just Flight 146 UNS-1 FMS and Cabin Update Releasing Next Week

Just Flight has announced via a Reddit post and YouTube video that it is releasing the long-awaited v2 update for its 146 Professional next week. The update promises to bring some exciting new features such as the UNS-1 FMS, a new passenger simulation, and a brand new passenger cabin complete with a working coffee machine!


One of the highlights of the v2 update is the addition of a new, custom-coded UNS-1 FMS. Whereas the current version of Just Flight’s 146 has the option of the more modern Working Title ProLine 21 FMS, the Universal Avionics UNS-1 is an older style of FMS that has been offered by the company since 1982 and is still in production today. Thanks to its early introduction, the UNS-1 is a more commonly seen retrofit FMS for this aircraft than the ProLine 21 FMS, which came out nearly two decades later in the year 2000.

Just Flight’s UNS-1 will feature support for direct-tos, holding patterns, SIDs and STARs, importing and exporting of flight plans as well as top of descent calculations based on a target vertical speed, real-time performance information, a custom database that can be updated via Navigraph, and more. A manual, tutorial flight, and tutorial video specifically for the UNS-1 will be released alongside this update. You will also have the option in the EFB to toggle between the ProLine FMS and the UNS-1 for you to use whichever you prefer.

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New Passenger Cabin

Just Flight has also been hard at work on the passenger cabin, with new models being included for each variant of the 146. As expected, the new models feature great detail on the texturing and modeling of the seats and cabin, however, the detail goes a lot further than just new textures.

The new cabin will also allow you to perform some flight attendant duties, as it will include functioning controls for cabin lighting, cabin calls, ground electrical power supply, and even a coffee machine that consumes potable water when used.

Another interesting feature available in the cabin is the music player. It includes seven tracks that you can manually play by selecting them on the device itself or that you can leave to the flight attendants to control during boarding and after landing. You can also manually import your own custom music for all the virtual passengers to hear.

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Lastly for the cabin, a new passenger boarding simulation will be included. You will now be able to choose a time to board that ranges from instant to realistic, with the realistic option taking around 20 minutes for the 146-300. For GSX users, there will also be an option to integrate the boarding with GSX, and there will be new aircraft profiles included for both the passenger and cargo versions of the 146.

Paper Checklists and Charts

New paper checklists and charts have been added for those who prefer a more old-school interface than the EFB tablet. You will be able to clip the paper checklists to the yoke to view and cycle through them, and the paper charts will be accessible through a click spot on the glare-shield’s charts holder, which will move them to the pedastal. You’ll be able to view up to 20 charts and you’ll be able to store custom charts and checklists as .png images in a specific folder.

Just Flight says its ultimate goal is to move all the features of the EFB tablet to a paper clipboard alternative, but it will do so over time, as it is a very time-consuming task.

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New Liveries

Lastly, three new liveries will be included with this update. A Discovery Air livery for the -200 variant, and two liveries, one for Buzz and one for United Express for the -300 variant.

A few other changes and quality of life fixes such as improvements to the TMS, autopilot, and sound set will also be included with this update. Just Flight is planning on releasing the v2 update of the 146 Professional next week, although a specific date or time frame was not mentioned.

If you would like to view the full change-log, you can check out the original reddit post here. If you would like to view these features in action, you can take a look at the original YouTube video here. For more information on Just Flight’s other projects, you can check out one of my previous articles where I took a look at their 2023 end-of-year development update here.

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