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Just Flight Publishes End-of-year Update on MSFS and X-Plane Projects

Just Flight has taken to their website to publish an update on all their ongoing projects for both MSFS and X-Plane. The article goes into detail on the progress of some of their much-anticipated aircraft, such as the A300B4, Avro RJ, and Fokker 70/100, among others.

The article begins with the team thanking everyone for their support in 2023 and saying they spent a little more time than anticipated on updating and improving their current fleet, which left them with less development time than desired for their new aircraft. Despite this setback, the team is happy with the decision as it has meant that the customers of these add-ons have been able to enjoy a much-improved experience, which is greatly appreciated.

There was also a short mention of what to expect from their partners in 2024, with Black Square’s Piston and Turbine Duke nearing completion, as well as saying that the team at Bluebird Simulations is very busy on their 757-200/300, which is expected to release early next year. With MSFS 2024 coming soon, Just Flight is committed to keeping their released aircraft updated with new features and fixes, and they are looking forward to what new features MSFS 2024 will offer for them to take full advantage of.

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A300B4 Professional (MSFS)

Just Flight’s texture artist has been very hard at work on texturing the flight deck and exterior model, which they aim to recreate in extreme detail – “Right down to the weathering on each (…) screw head.” The exterior model has also seen some work, with the nose section being reworked and the CF6 and JT9D engines having brand-new models.

On the system’s front, the electrical, bleed air, air conditioning and pressurization, APU, and fuel systems are all complete, with the hydraulic system being next in line. As with the texturing, the systems team is aiming for extreme realism, with all current systems being custom-coded to make them react exactly as they would in real life depending on environmental conditions and system configuration.

Tornado GR1 (MSFS)

The Tornado GR1 has been going through significant model and texture improvements, with sections of the cockpit and exterior being reworked for higher accuracy, as well as the textures being upscaled all the way up to 8K resolution. Once done, the team will work on porting the code for the systems over from their Prepar3D Tornado and will improve upon this code to add the necessary features to get them performing as close to the real aircraft as possible.

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PA-38 Tomahawk (MSFS)

The PA-38’s development had stalled somewhat, but is now being actively worked on as Just Flight’s next GA aircraft release. The team is focusing on upgrading the modelling and texturing for both the interior and exterior. With systems coding mostly done, they are now working on integrating their EFB, which will feature the same options that simmers will be familiar with from Just Flight’s other GA offerings.

RJ Professional (MSFS)

The BAe 146’s modernized version, the Avro RJ, is on track to be Just Flight’s next airliner release. The main work being done is on systems. With the air conditioning, fuel, hydraulics, and IRS systems all complete, the team is now focused on integrating these with the autopilot and navigation systems to get them all working seamlessly with each other.

Work on the models is done, and Just Flight has taken the opportunity to show off the new virtual cabin, featuring a 3+3 layout for all three RJ variants, which was a common configuration for many RJ operators.

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F70/100 Professional (MSFS)

The F70/100’s cockpit has received lots of attention since Just Flight’s last development update. Using new reference images, they have reworked it with new high-resolution textures, which, as with the A300B4, will feature extreme detail in this area with authentic wear and tear representative of a well-used but still serviceable aircraft. Users will have the option to choose whether they would like “standard” or “high detail” textures to help with the sim’s performance.

Lots of work has gone into the cockpit’s model as well, with many switches and knobs being remodelled and extra detail being added to the LCD bezels and CRT screens to give them an authentic curved look.

146 Professional update (MSFS)

Just Flight’s 146 Professional will be receiving an update in early 2024 to include the UNS-1 FMS, which is currently in the later stages of beta testing, with all intended systems functional and integrated with the rest of the plane. The cabin will be getting a completely new model developed from the RJ Professional, which shares the same cabin dimensions.

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Duchess Model 76 and X-Plane 12 aircraft updates

Just Flight will be working with the Thranda Design team to upgrade their X-Plane 11 GA fleet to X-Plane 12 standards, with the first of these aircraft being the Duchess Model 76, which will now feature 8K textures with PBR materials on both the inside and outside and many new animations such as doors that respond to G-forces and air resistance when open.

They will also be porting their tablet EFB over from MSFS to all of their future X-Plane 12 aircraft. This will include all the same features from MSFS, such as state saving and configuration options, as well as a new ‘Dynamic Livery’ feature allowing users to customise their livery in real time without reloading the flight. After the Duchess, the team will work on the PA-28R Arrow III.


Just Flight has been very busy, and 2024 is looking like it will be a good year for them with three airliners, a military jet, a GA trainer, updates to their X-Plane fleet, and surely more to come.

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