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Just Flight Drops New 757 for MSFS Previews, Confirms Release in 2023

The team at Just Flight has shared four new previews of the upcoming Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator they are working on together with BlueBird Simulations.

First of all, if you want to learn more about the addon, we recommend you to read George’s other article on the announcement by clicking here. This article is primarily focused on the four new previews, the expected release timeframe, and the 757 freighter variant and FPDS upgrade.

Release in 2023

In the comment section under the previews, Just Flight has responded to multiple community members, that the addon is not planned to release this year. However, the current plans are that the addon will release in 2023. In which quarter or part has not been disclosed yet. The same applies to the pricing details.

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The BlueBird Simulations team has made notable progress since the initial announcement from February earlier this year. Back then, we had only seen the exterior model without textures.

This time, however, we can get a glimpse over the fully textured exterior model of the Boeing 757 in Microsoft Flight Simulator painted in BlueBird Simulations livery.

Apart from that, the developers have felt comfortable sharing some insight into the flight deck. Founded on the previews, the cockpit appears to be progressing very well, although still far from finished.

We have to keep in mind, that everything showcased is still a WIP and does not represent the final product.

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FPDS Upgrade & Freighter variant

BlueBird Simulations further also responded to a question asking about the FPDS upgrade.

The abbreviation FPDS stands for Flat Panel Display System. It is used to replace the legacy EFIS panels, reducing component count in the cockpit.

The developers have stated that while it is not in the plans for the initial release, they definitely plan on having the upgraded displays for the freighter expansion package that will come sometime after the release.

To cite BlueBird Simulations about the freighter variant: “The freighter version will be a separate expansion that will come sometime after release. We want to give the freighter all of the attention it deserves.

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