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Just Flight Announces 757 for MSFS

Through a post on their website, Just Flight has officially announced the development of Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. On the initial release, the 757-200 and -300 will be available.

The development is done by Bluebird Simulations. While the development is still in the very early stages of the development, Just Flight has already stated, that they aim to release the aircraft publicly in the first half of 2023.

Forty years ago today the 757 first took to the skies, so we figured it would be a good to day to announce our first project for MSFS! Over the last several months we have been working hard on this project but there is still a long way to go.

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Shervin Ahoo – Head of the 757 development team

The 757 is an all-new aircraft addon developed from scratch solely for Microsoft Flight Simulator to take full advantage of the SDK. When it comes to how in-depth the simulation will be, the developers have stated, that they want to ensure it is accessible to simmers of all experience levels.

It wasn’t specified what exactly that means, apart from stating that there will be a significant jump in systems depth versus the default airliners.

In the previews, we can see beautiful texturing work done in the flight deck with extensive wear and tear details. The use of PBR materials is evident, which makes the flight deck environment very authentic even during nighttime.

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When it comes to the exterior, the developers haven’t implemented any textures on the model. There are also some imperfections visible on the exterior model, but we have to take into account they are not representing the final product.

The development team consists of four people. One programmer with over 20 years of experience, two model designers, and an airline pilot. Shervin Ahoo of Bluebird Simulation further expressed gratitude for having Just Flight backing the project.

It is currently the only announced payware Boeing 757 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator in development.

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