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Just Flight To Release Duchess 76 For X-Plane 12 Next Week

Just Flight took to their Facebook page to announce the release date of their Duchess 76 For X-Plane 12. After releasing it for FSX & P3D, Aerofly, and X-Plane 11, it will be their fourth rendition of this aircraft.

Duchess 76 is a twin-engine general aviation aircraft manufactured by Beechcraft. It was introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the Beechcraft Baron. It is a low-wing aircraft that can carry up to four passengers and a pilot. It has a maximum speed of 190 knots and a range of 1,000 nautical miles. The aircraft is equipped with two Lycoming engines. Thanks to its reliability, ease of handling, and low operating costs, the Duchess 76 is popular among flight schools and private pilots.

The teaser unveiled that the release will be on the 30th of January. The cockpit offers a detailed 3D environment, including accurately modeled seat belts and screw heads, with all instruments constructed entirely in 3D and featuring smooth animations. Textures reflect realistic wear and tear based on reference photos, providing an authentic atmosphere. The tablet Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) offers a range of tools and customization options, including aircraft control, weight and balance adjustments, instrument visibility choices, and dynamic livery customization.

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The IFR-capable avionics system includes a fully-featured X-Plane-native GNS430, KX 155 COM/NAV 2 radio, and Century IV autopilot. The aircraft systems are custom-coded, featuring a realistic fuel system with cross-feed, functional circuit breakers linked to X-Plane’s internal failure logic, and a detailed landing gear with emergency extension. The interactive engine pop-up window displays crucial values, such as fuel and oil parameters, battery charge, and information about spark plug fouling and vapor lock conditions.

In the comment section, Just Flight revealed the price for this addon, which will cost 30.49/€36.95/$42.99. Users who own the X-Plane 11 version will get a 10% discount. You can get an e-mail notification about the release by clicking a button on the Just Flight website. The developer has recently showcased the work in progress of Piston & Turbine Duke from Black Square, which you can read about here.

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