JustFlight Previews BAE 146 Cockpit and shares 747 Classic development Update

JustFlight has shared some more previews of their upcoming rendition of BAE 146 aircraft and shared some information regarding their upcoming 747 Classic for Prepar3D.

The previews and the development update has been shared via their Facebook page, showing off some previews as well.

The BAE 146 got some rendered previews of the cockpit and its systems. The developer didn’t share much information about this one, however, we can expect some more previews soon.

Regarding the 747 Classic, the development update is quite longer and covers a lot of valuable information. In the most recent time, the developer added the two INS updating indicators to the aircraft. The developer also added a third autopilot channel allowing additional redundancy, with dual and triple autoland capability. new GPWS conrtols and indicators can also be seen on the previews showed below. GPWS should alert you about autopilot disengage and ILS glideslope.

The developer is also looking forward to the TFDi’s RealLight and TrueGlass, which should be implemented in the aircraft. TFDi should update these two with P3D v5 compatibility very soon, so we may expect the previews of 747 classic with trueglass and reallight in P3D v5 very soon.

The source of this article can be found on JustFlight’s Facebook page.

Author: Patrik

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