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Laminar Research Announces The X-Plane Store, an Official Add-On Marketplace for X-Plane

Laminar Research announced the launch of a new add-on store for X-Plane at the Montreal developer conference in early February. The X-Plane Store will be a platform for users to buy and developers to sell add-ons for the X-Plane simulators. Alongside the announcement, a first look at what this new storefront will look like was also made available.

The X-Plane Store: “A unique and seamless experience”

According to a Facebook post by the official X-Plane account, the X-Plane Store was a long-requested feature by users. This marketplace will provide more accessibility to search for community add-on content. This post highlights that everything will be happening within the platform, with easier payment methods for users and options for Digital Rights Management (DRM) for developers.

This is just a taste of what Laminar Research has released in terms of news for this platform. They also released a page with more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). According to the page, they confirm that this store will not replace existing X-Plane add-on marketplaces. This project ensures not to inhibit any competition, also confirming that “X-Plane will continue to load non-store add-ons”. Additionally, the FAQs clarify that developers can sell here and on other platforms, wherein the X-Plane Store will “not requir[e] exclusive agreements to sell”. For developers interested in selling in this store, everyone is welcome as long as they pass the acceptance criteria.

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Laminar Research promises a good user experience in this store, making efforts not to include advertisements, any regional pricing, or subscriptions on the platform. The X-Plane Store will have a commission in line with industry standards compared to other add-on marketplaces. A utility to help transition existing add-ons to the platform is still in active development. A section for freeware developers such as Zibo or Zero Dollar Payware to publish their work is on Laminar Research’s plans for the future, but it will not be a launch feature.

Other features from the X-plane Store for users included in this page are:

  • Account infrastructure in which your purchases will be saved in your account so you never lose a product
  • Reviews being available for products
  • Automatic installation and updates of add-ons to X-Plane
  • A filter for product version compatibility

The X-Plane Store will be released in 2024, no date has been mentioned but they hinted at a Q3 launch of the platform. This platform will be accessible via a website and desktop application. You can check more news articles about X-Plane here.

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