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Laminar Research Further Previews Next Generation of X-Plane

Laminar Research is today continuing in previewing the Next Generation of X-Plane. This time, the developer of one of the biggest flight simulator platforms, took a look at the forests and trees. There were also some new preview screenshots shown through the FSA Livestream, that happened earlier today on July 29th, 2021.

The video previewing this has been, as usual, shared through the channel of Laminar Research. The developer shows the trees themselves in the first frame, as you can see, there is a huge difference, and it seems like these trees will be completely 3D and volumetric. However, that is not the only thing confirmed to come to this new generation of X-Plane, as the developer refers to it. In this video, changing seasons have been confirmed as well.

There are, obviously, four seasons to come to X-Plane. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter should therefore change by the time and date in the simulator and the trees and textures will be particularly changing as well. On the FSA webinar Stream, Austin Meyer has confirmed that changing seasons is not going to be only about changing the textures. There are going to be also shaders changing with the seasons.

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Speaking of the screenshots that have been shared on the FSA Livestream, the developer mainly looked at the autogen and buildings that are coming to X-Plane. The autogen was not the only thing previewed, there were also freight ships and sea traffic shown, as well as new water effects on asphalt, concrete, et cetera.

If you are interested in reading more about this Next Generation of X-Plane 11, you can read an article about the first fleet preview. Austin Meyer confirmed that they’ll provide us with more information about this future generation of X-Plane at the Flight Sim Expo.

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