Leonardo Software Further Previews and Details MD80 for MSFS

In a post on their forums, the team at Leonardo Software has further previewed and detailed their McDonnell Douglas MD80 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s one of the most anticipated airliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The team has detailed the form of the release. They will first release a “basic package”. Which according to the developer should satisfy most of the needs of the advanced simmer. They will then add “expansions” which may include MD83/88 version and -217C/-219 engines, Canadian Marconi FMS and PMS, EFB and ageing/servicing features. The developer hasn’t stated if these expansions will be free of charge.

Once released the add-on will include many new features from their MD80 for Prepar3D. Such as a new FMS Services page for controlling doors and stairs, external power, fuel loading, etc and a flight model and engines performances matched against the real aircraft. The full feature list can be found here.

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The team has stated that due to the current MSFS SDK the weather radar will not be functional on release. It will be implemented as soon as possible. The update will be free of charge.

The developer hasn’t disclosed the release date and the price tag saying that everything depends on how the simulator will evolve.

Feature list (V1.0)

  • MD82 with -217A engines, PAX Cabin 162Y and Honeywell FMS for NAV/VNAV/ACARS;
  • Flight model and engines performances tested and matched against real aircraft performance tables;
  • All systems/avionics/tests etc, fully implemented as in the P3D version, including failures/INOPs feature, fully dimmable integral and flood lightning, working TCAS and EGPWS terrain mode;
  • New FMS Services page for controlling DOORS/STAIR, External power, fuel loading, etc.;
  • Fully integrated with MSFS ecosystem (jetway, catering, baggage loader, etc…);
  • Integration with PFPX/SimBrief via Load Manager and retrieval of OFP data via the ACARS system;
  • Livery manager, and aircraft settings configurable for different aircrafts;
  • Livery-based cockpit color (pink, blue or grey) and main panel variations (including placards and speed bugs);
  • Can be installed in the same machine with Fly the Maddog X for P3D;
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