Leonardo Software Releases New Update for Maddog X

Developer Leonardo Software has released a new update for their MD-80 series for Prepar3D v4 and v5. This update is very significant and contains many changes to the base code and fixes bugs.

Right now, you can get this update as an open beta, however, new full installers will be released in a week on SimMarket. This new version of aircraft adds compatibility to Prepar3D v5.1 HF1. This update is free for all current customers. With all the improvements to the aircraft, the developers worked on an EFB and PMS systems as part of the Aviaserver suite, and are now included in the Aviaserver EFB licensing scheme. This version of the aircraft can be installed only on a base version of aircraft marked as 1.7b725.

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In an addition, the developers integrated Pushover service as a printing option for the ACARS messaging. Also, the developers at Leonardo Software have reworked PBR textures therefore the aircraft should look more natural in the latest hotfix of Prepar3D v5.1.

The last but not least, the developer previewed this aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developer, unfortunately, didn’t progress much with the development, as the SDK of MSFS is still missing a lot of important parts for a complex add-on, the developer noted. However, the developer also stated that the aircraft looks very good in the MSFS, but until MSFS has a proper SDK, they’ll focus on the Prepar3D ecosystem.

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In addition, the developer showcased how they progressed with this product with three screenshots taken from the new simulator.

Also, the developer previewed a new paid expansion – Fly The Maddog X: Instructor panel. It is modelled after its real counterpart, the instructor panel is a standalone product that can be connected to the simulator which will basically manage all the Maddog systems and failures, this can be used either in local mode or on the shared cockpit.

The aircraft can be purchased through SimMarket for €95 excluding VAT for both Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5.

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– Added P3D v5.1 support;
– Optimizations for supporting v5.1 Enhanced Atmosphere (PBR and metallic reflections); MISC
– Added Pushover support;
– Added Aviaserver EFB and PMS support;

– Improved aircraft/Instructor Panel code;
– No battery drain when the EFB is switched OFF;
– Reverse thrust and flight dynamics fine-tuning;
– “Refueled aircraft” and “Automatic update aircraft weight and CG” now separated from the Realistic mode”;
– Load Manager now correctly exports all settings;
– Quick Guide updated to include latest changes;
– User Manual updated to include latest changes;
– List of Documents updated.

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