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LES announced DC-3 v2 for X-Plane 11

Leading Edge Simuations, also known as LES, has recently announced a new version of Douglas DC-3 rendition for X-Plane 11. The announcement was made by Cameron, founder of X-Aviation, via the X-Pilot forums. The version 2 of the aircraft will be a significant update in comparison with version 1.

The developers will aim for more realistic systems plus better texturing and modelling. It was mentioned in the post, that current owners of the DC-3 v1 will get a special upgrade discount, but no specific values were shared just yet.

When released, the aircraft will feature, for example, a complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP, custom effects such as exhaust smoke and heat blur, complete simulation of all aircraft systems or accurate flight characterisctics and engine performance. As usual, the complete feature list can be found below.

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Feature list

    a. Accurate flight characteristics.
    b. Accurate engines performance.
    c. Accurate weight and balance model.

    Complete simulation of all aircraft systems including:
    a. Electric.
    b. Hydraulic.
    c. Pneumatic.
    d. Custom Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot simulation.
    e. Custom fuel mixture logic for Auto-Lean and Auto-Rich functions. 
    f. Custom lighting.
    a. Accurate reprecentation of the DC-3 aircraft.
    b. Full use of PBR materials with extreme weathering effects.

    a. Complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP
    a. Full custom effect package including:
        i. Engine exhaust smoke and heat blur.
       ii. Props vapor condensation depending on ambient humidity.

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6. UI (User Interace)
    Modern X-Plane 11 type User Interface for:
    a. Maintenance: Keeping track of aircraft and engines operating hours and execute maintenance as required.
    b. Options: Hardware options for differential braking and/or throttling during taxi, external power connection, and more.
    c. Aircraft Loading: Adjust number of passengers per compartment, cargo weight per loading area, fuel loading per tank, with repspective CG diagram.
    b. Checklist: Complete checklist for all flight phases.

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