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Mango Studios Releases New A340-500 Sound Pack For X-Plane

Mango Studios released a brand new sound pack for the Airbus A340-500 by Jar Design. It is their second add-on to the A340 family after releasing a sound pack for the A340-600 variant by Toliss.

The aircraft’s sound pack contains specially designed audio for external components such as APU, hydraulic pumps, and packs, as well as environmental sounds like light and heavy rain. Additionally, Rolls-Royce Trent 553 Engines engine custom sounds have a 3D effect, meaning the engine sounds vary depending on the listener’s location.

The interior sounds of the cockpit include custom audio for switches, buttons, covers, knobs, and handles. The overhead panel, pedestal panel, autopilot panel, and EICAS panel have all been reworked, and custom cockpit system sounds have been added. These include higher-quality GPWS and warning sounds and realistic battery packs, wipers, and avionics generator effects. The new cabin effects include custom air conditioning, fuel pump, hydraulic pump, flaps, and slats sounds.

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One of the most interesting features implemented by the Mango Studios is the jet blast sound effect presented outside the aircraft and during the flyby, as well as high-quality audio for landing gear roll, cockpit rattle effect, gear retraction, gear extension, gear drag, and cockpit wind, providing a more immersive experience for the user.

The Mango Studios A340-500 sound pack is available at the Mango Studios store and will soon be available on the sim market and the X-Plane.org store. If you are interested in other Mango Studios sound packs, check out their new sound pack for the Embraer ERJ series.

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