Mango Studios Releases V2 of A350 Soundpack

Mango Studios has recently released version two of their soundpack for the FlightFactor A350 for X-Plane. This update brings a whole lot of new and reworked sounds to the add-on.

The developers have added new exterior and interior sounds. For the exterior, they have added custom sounds for APU start and shutdown. New sound effects for the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines have also been added. Here is a preview of the sounds:

For the interior, the team has added custom sounds for the buttons and knobs of the EICAS, FCU, overhead and pedestal. Along with that, they added new custom sounds for the systems such as a new autopilot engage and disengage sound which is very distinguishable in Airbus aircraft or an ultra-realistic wiper sound.

The developers also added new ultra-realistic cockpit effects. With this, the user can experience full immersion and the developers promise a significant improvement from the V1 of the sound pack.

In the cabin, they added a new air conditioning effect, a wind effect, flaps sounds as well as start-up and shutdown sound effects for the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines.

The Mango Studios soundpack is available for purchase through the Store for 15.99$. The V2 update was released free of charge within the same product on the store.

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