Mathijs Kok Joins the PMDG Simulations Team

In a shocking announcement, Mathijs Kok confirms that he has joined the PMDG Simulations team following the recent departure from his position at Aerosoft.

A post to the Aerosoft Forum began brewing much speculation: a seemingly new account under the Mathijs Kok name addressed some concerns with the way that the forum was being managed following his departure. This post was signed by a Mathijs Kok, PMDG Simulations.

As is customary for the flight simulation community, rumors quickly spread, with forum pages being opened, sparking much discussion even within the FSNews team! Speculation settled when Robert Randazzo – founder of PMDG Simulations – confirmed the rumors in a forum post.

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Mathijs famously and abruptly left his position from the Aerosoft team, stating the direction being taken by the upper management and directors conflicted with his vision of the company. At the time, he shared that a competitor had already employed him: however, we were not aware of who. Mathijs responded to requests from fellow flight simulator news organization for more information:

“I was incredibly happy when I was invited by Robert Randazzo to join his team at PMDG and didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. I will do many things there, mainly leading smaller and larger projects.”

Mathijs Kok via

It is clear now that Mathijs will be continuing his project management experience by forefronting the many ongoing PMDG projects, including the Boeing 777 and the ongoing development of the Boeing 737. This is a significant step forward for PMDG, which previously had no formal communications management. Hopefully, we should see more open development and communication alongside the growing anticipation for PMDG’s many products.

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