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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update (30.4.)

Microsoft has once again given an update on their website on the state of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update covers the development roadmap, new partnerships, SDK updates and, as usual, new screenshots from alpha testers. Some more news on 1.3.x.x and alpha invitations has been released as well.

Development Roadmap

The development roadmap is being updated and will be released on 07.05.

Partnership Series

The team says that due to the situation with the pandemic, things have been delayed a bit. The next Partnership Series Spotlight will include several partnerships: NAVBLUE, meteoblue and FlightAware. Partnerships thereafter and release dates for the Partnership Spotlights will come with the next Development Roadmap update.

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SDK Update

The team is aiming to release an update for the SDK by 07.05.

Alpha Invitations

The developer first wants to make sure that everyone who has been approved access to the alpha, also has their hands on the build. Only then will they work on adding more testers. It’s also confirmed that new alpha invites will be sent out with the release of 1.3.x.x.

Microsoft also gives an overview on the deliverables that couldn’t be released on time due to the pandemic:

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  • On May 8th, a new video will be released on the MSFS YouTube channel about IFR flight rules.
  • 7 to 10 days from now, Alpha Build 1.3.x.x will be released. This build features the iconic Boeing 747 among other things.

Source: MSFS Website

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