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MiniCockpit Launches MiniFCU Pre-orders, Updates on Quality Control

MiniCockpit is now back with the MiniFCU, a hardware add-on for your enhanced experience of flying Airbus aircraft. This time, the controller is once again available to be pre-ordered.

Pre-orders for MiniFCU Open Again

The information was shared via their Facebook page, saying that the MiniFCU is once again available at the price of around €246.89, with free worldwide shipping.

Furthermore, MiniCockpit mentions that the MiniFCU is currently compatible with many Airbus add-ons, it should soon be compatible with MobiFlight and SPAD.neXt very soon. This will no further limit the unit to control only Airbus aircraft.

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Quality Control Enhancements

The company also mentioned some changes in the quality-control phase of developing such controllers, as in the previous weeks, they investigated quality-control issues. Statistically, around 0.8% of 2000 delivered units suffered a USB connector issue. This led to enhancing the soldering process of the USB connector by increasing the soldering temperature and time in the machine.

Moreover, the team also took all the steps to avoid cosmetic issues and familiarised the assembly team with the real FCU unit. The shipping package also received an overhaul, with additional protective measures and better protection during transit.

The deliveries of this wave of pre-orders should take place in March this year. If you would like to get your MiniFCU, you can use our affiliate link to get 10% off, or just type in promo code “FSNEWS” at checkout.

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You can also take a look at the upcoming MiniEFIS, which is in development by MiniCockpit in our article here.

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