MSFS2020 Development Update (July 30th)

As promised in the previous development update, a new post about the current development status has been shared recently through the MSFS2020 website. As you might’ve noticed, a big amount of content directly from the simulator has been released recently throughout the internet. This happened as Microsoft allowed certain content creators to publish content from the simulator.

This development update brings some information about the beta invitations, upcoming partnership series, and VR support. A new set of beta invitations has been sent out today. Regarding the partnership series update, a total of four companies are left to be presented as partners – Aerosoft, Bing Maps, VATSIM, and (platform creating an authentic 3D map of our planet).

Virtual reality (VR) support will be implemented to the simulator at the beginning of Fall 2020. The update will be free of charge for owners of the simulator. The release date of the simulator has not been delayed yet and is still scheduled for August 18th. If you want to learn more about available addons for MSFS2020, it is recommended to read our MSFS2020 Megathread.

Author: George

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