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MSFS Megathread: What Are Devs Doing?

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The new Microsoft Flight Simulator got a release date: August 18th. After the announcement, several devs started giving updates on their development plans for the new simulator. Because we think it can be useful for you to efficiently buy addons that you will be able to use in the new simulator as well, if you’re interested in buying it, we wanted to make a Megathread to give an overview, per developer and per addon, what is going to happen.

The table is sorted alphabetically by the name of the developer, as are the addons in each category. Note that only addons about which we know something are included in this list, whether that means that it will or will not be made compatible.

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If you find info that is not yet included in this list, report it below this article. We will do our best to update the list as soon as new info is released. Make sure to bookmark this article so you can check the compatibility of your favorite addons later.

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A2A Simulations

A2A Simulations made it clear in a post over at their website, that they are currently working on an Aerostar 600 aircraft for Prepar3D and MSFS2020. It was also mentioned, that the developers will now focus on the Aerostar 600 only until its release. The release date wasn’t mentioned.

A2A Simulations have decided, that they don’t want to convert their addons to the new simulator, but that they want to develop the aircraft from scratch to use the full potential of the new simulator.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
Aerostar 600N/AIs currently developed

Aeroplane Heaven

Aeroplane Heaven has confirmed development for MSFS2020 but did not share anything specific. They are very excited to develop for the new platform and will announce more at a later date.


Aerosoft has confirmed a strong partnership with Asobo Studio and has confirmed the development of sceneries and aircraft for the new simulator.

Addon NameICAOStatus
OnAir Airline ManagerN/AHas a beta connector to the latest FS2020 Alpha
BrusselsEBBRWIP for P3D v4, but the tools used are intended for MSFS. Previews
CRJ ProfessionalN/AWill be converted
Paderborn AirportEDLPWill be converted and included as default

AirWorthy Designs

In a single screenshot posted on the Facebook page, Airworthy Designs announced that they will also be developing for MSFS. No information is currently available about what products they will bring across.

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Carenado has a long list of aircraft for both P3D and X-Plane. We don’t know about all of those aircraft yet, but there have been a few new products announced. Read the article here.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Cessna 182T SkylaneC182Released
Mooney M20RM20RWill be converted


CentralSim has confirmed through their Facebook page, that their sceneries will be available for MSFS2020. Which ones has not been made clear, but we know for certain, that Cusco Airport (SPZO) is being currently in-development for MSFS2020.

Digital Design

Will release information about scenery conversions after the release of the simulator.

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Drzewiecki Design

Drzewiecki Design has previewed an undefined airport for MSFS2020 to serve testing purposes. Development for MSFS2020 and the conversion of their sceneries has not been confirmed yet.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Moscow LandmarksAnnounced. Previewed

FlightBeam Studios

FlightBeam Studios, exactly 10 years after starting developing for P3D/XP11, has confirmed development plans for the MSFS2020. Few weeks later, Denver Airport (KDEN) rendition for MSFS2020 has been announced.

Addon NameICAOStatus
AucklandNZAAIs being developed for MSFS
Denver AirportKDENAnnouncement article Released, link here.


FlyTampa shared a screenshot of several control towers, rendered in MSFS2020. Based on that we can assume that the airports where those towers are will be converted. This does not mean that these are the only airports that will be converted.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
AmsterdamEHAMTower previewed in MSFS
AthensLGAVTower previewed in MSFS
BostonKBOSTower previewed in MSFS
Las VegasKLASTower previewed in MSFS
St.-MaartenTNCMConfirmed to be converted in the comments
SydneyYSSYTower previewed in MSFS
ViennaLOWWTower previewed in MSFS


FS2Crew has recently confirmed development plans for the MSFS2020 via their Facebook page mentioning few “secret plans” that should be very much related to FS2Crew, but with a different implementation. Specific products that will be converted have not been shared.

Developer has confirmed, that they will continue developing for Prepar3D and FSX.


There is no full list of what sceneries will or won’t be developed for the new simulator.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
Basel-Freiburg-MulhouseLFSBWill be converted. Previewed.
GSXN/AWill be converted. Previewed.
Chicago O’HareKORDWill be converted. Previewed.


Read the article here.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Billy Bishop Toronto CityCYTZNo conversion planned
Calgary v1CYYCNo conversion planned, v2 is WIP, platforms TBD
CancunMMUNNo conversion planned
Edmonton International AirportCYEGWill be converted
Kelowna CYLWWill be converted
London, OntarioCYXUIn dev for P3D, probably converted to MSFS
Quebec CityCYQBNo conversion planned
TocumenMPTONo conversion planned, rework was planned, platforms TBD
VancouverCYVRWIP for P3D and MSFS. Previewed here


In a forum post originally intended to inform about the A320-X and A321-X update, FSLabs mentioned their plans with MSFS2020. Based on that, they can’t tell us anything specific as they are under several NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement), but it was mentioned, that they have been carefully aligning their business to explore the possibilities.

FLYT Simulations

FLYT Simulations have confirmed the development of their rendition of Frasca Field (C16) for MSFS2020 via their Facebook page with few previews included. FLYT Simulations will not stop developing for X-Plane 11.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
Frasca FieldC16Will be converted

Gaya Simulations

Read the full announcement in the article here.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Berlin-TegelEDDTWIP for P3D, XP and MSFS
FlorenceLIRQWIP for P3D, XP and MSFS
KosLGKOWill be converted. Previewed
KristiansandENCNWIP for P3D, XP and MSFS
Vienna SchwewatLOWWWill be converted. Previewed here and here
Zell am SeeLOWZReleased


Addon NameICAOStatus
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson InternationalKATLPreviewed with screenshot.


JustSim has shared a single screenshot of an ATC tower render in MSFS. It looks like a previously undeveloped airport, at least by JustSim. We don’t know if they will convert their current products to the new platform.


LatinVFR has in a rather short post over at their Facebook page announced the development for MSFS2020. It was mentioned, that Prepar3D sceneries will still be developed.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
Bradley InternationalKBDLFree MSFS version for owners of the P3D version
Miami International AirportKMIAWill be converted. Previewed


Milviz has confirmed the development of multiple aircraft for the new simulator.

Addon NameICAOStatus
737-200N/AWill be converted
T-50N/AWill be converted
B-55N/AWill be converted
Cessna 310RN/AWill be converted. Previewed


Addon NameICAOStatus
GaudalajaraMMGLWIP for P3D, some previews show the MSFS logo, but that logo has been removed from the screenshots.

Majestic Software

In a Facebookpost, Majestic explained that they did not get early access to the SDK, and have therefore not been able to start developing for the new platform. They did confirm that they’re planning on bringing the Q300 and Q400 to MSFS. This will take a lot of time, so don’t expect a release soon. They will make PILOT, PRO and TRAINING editions like they have for Prepar3D. A CAPTAIN version is still undecided about.


All sceneries will be ported across. See article here.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
DublinEIDWWill be converted
FuerteventuraGCFVWill be converted, v2 is WIP
HelsinkiEFHKWIP for P3D, will be converted after
KeflavikBIKFWill be converted
LanzaroteGCRRWill be converted
LisbonLPPTWill be converted
RomeLIRFWIP for P3D, will be converted after
Palma de MallorcaLEPAWill be converted
Tenerife Vol. 1GCTSWill be converted, update WIP
Tenerife Vol. 2GCXOWill be converted, update WIP
VagarEKVGWill be converted

All of Navigraph’s products will be compatible with the new simulator. Both the charts and the airac cycles will continued to be updated for MSFS as well as other simulators.

NextGen Simulations

NextGen Simulations have confirmed the development for MSFS2020 on July 21st via their Facebook page. They are currently evaluating which products should be converted to MSFS2020 and waiting for the final version of the SDK as the conversion isn’t easy. As of right now, they can’t share more information until the NDA is lifted.


Orbx has confirmed the development of multiple sceneries for MSFS2020 on August 9, 2020. For current owners of the sceneries for a different simulator, there is an upgrade fee. Products listed below will be released in the first wave. Information about further products has not been shared.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
London City AirportEGLCReleased
London City PackN/AReleased
Innsbruck AirportLOWIReleased
Leeds Bradford AirportEGNMReleased
Orcas Island AirportKORSReleased
Tacoma Narrows AirportKTIWReleased
Hollywood Burbank AirportKBURWIP for MSFS2020
Santa Barbara Municipal AirportKSBAWIP for MSFS2020

Pacific Islands Simulation

In a Facebook post, Pacific Islands Simulation has confirmed, that they are planning to convert all their products to MSFS2020. The first scenery released for MSFS2020 will be their rendition of Cleveland International Airport which has been announced on July 23rd.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Reno-Tahoe Intl.KRNOWill be converted
Incheon Intl.RKSIWill be converted
Hiroshima Intl.RJOAWill be converted
Manila Ninoy Aquino Int.RPLLWill be converted
Nagasaki Int & OmuraRJFUWill be converted
Taiwan Toayuan Int.RCTPWill be converted
Chubu Centrair Int.RJGGWill be converted
Salt Lake City Int.KSLCWill be converted


PESIM has announced that they will be converting their products to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. As there are new methods and tools used to develop for MSFS2020, they can’t estimate when the sceneries will be converted.

Their current plan is to finish the rendition of Biarritz Airport (LFBZ) before the end of the year. No new projects will be started before 2021. PESIM is planning to start developing for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2021.

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Photosim Labs

This developer will bring all of its current P3D airports across to MSFS, but will continue development for P3D as well. You can read the full article here.

Addon NameICAOStatus
Beef Island AirportTUPJWIP, will be converted
The Berry Islands, Commonwealth of The BahamasMYBG, MYBC, MYBWWill be converted
South Bimini & Cat Cay MYBS, MYCCWill be converted
St. Croix, US Virgin IslandsTISXWIP, will be converted. Upgrade fee.


Whilst no official announcement has come from PILOT’s, we can derive from screenshots of their products what they’re working on and converting.

Addon NameICAOStatus
AlicanteLEALWill be converted. Previewed here.
Santiago de CompostelaLESTWill be converted. Previewed here.


Addon NameICAOStatus
Boeing 737NGXuN/AWill be converted, and released between Q4 2020 – Q2 2021
Boeing B747 QOTS IIN/AWill be converted
Boeing B777 N/AWill be converted
Douglas DC-6N/AWill be converted


POSCON is compatible with MSFS without any necessary changes. If you have beta access to the network, you’ll be able to use it in the new simulator right away.

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In a Discord message, Community Manager adam has explained that projectFLY will receive an update on Tuesday morning that will make the app compatible with MSFS.


Addon NameICAOStatus
Ultimate 787 CollectionB787Will be converted. Previews after release.

REX Simulations

REX Simulations have sended out emails to their customers mentioning their plans with the upcoming MSFS2020 platforms. It was made clear, that they are not planning to develop for MSFS2020 as of right now. They have few ideas in mind, but no plans just yet.

Sierrasim Simulations

Sierrasim has announced that they will convert sceneries to the new simulator. Which ones will be made public after the release.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
IslamabadOPISWIP for P3D and MSFS


Addon NameStatus
A Pilot’s LifeWill work out of the box


SimToolKitPro will be compatible with MSFS from release day.


As well as few other developers, SouthWings has confirmed the MSFS2020 plans in a Facebook post. Florent Martinot, CEO of SoutWings, wrote: “I’ll also be looking to port my sceneries to FS2020 when available but more on that later..“. Nothing more specific was shared.

Tailstrike Designs

Addon NameICAOStatus
Reggio CalabriaLIRCAnnounced for MSFS2020. Previewed

TDM Design

TDM Design has shared a list of airports that they will be developing in 2020 and 2021. They are for both P3D and MSFS.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
AcoruñaLECOWIP for P3D, preview for MSFS
ValenciaLEVCAnnounced for P3D and MSFS
VigoLEVXAnnounced for P3D and MSFS

TFDi Design

TFDi has a range of products. The utilities will all be converted. There’s no news yet about the Boeing 717 or MD-11.

Addon nameStatus
smartCARSCompatible on launch
PACXCompatible on launch


Gary Summons, CEO, has confirmed on the forums that products will be converted to MSFS and that there will be upgrade costs. If it doesn’t take a lot of work, they will be free. Work for P3D and X-Plane will be on hold for some time, because the focus is on converting airports to MSFS. The latest timeline and release estimates that were published are not valid anymore.

We know that one airport is getting good progress, but won’t be released until many weeks after the release of MSFS. Which airport that is, we don’t know yet.

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Although VATSIM is not a developer as others are in the list, VATSIM is an official MSFS2020 partner and will be compatible with the simulator on the day of release. If you want to learn more about the partnership, please see our article on the MSFS2020 Development Update from July 23rd.


This X-Plane developer is working on one to three GA airfields. Once they are released and the developer has some more experience with the SDK, they will start working on regional and international airports. Pricing is also announced: General aviation airports will cost between $6-9, regional airports will cost between $10-40, and international airports will cost between $14-20. Discounts for current owners will come.

Vidan Design

Vidan Design has confirmed that they will convert their existing Danish sceneries, and new sceneries, to MSFS2020. It was also made clear that the sceneries will be available both through the built-in Marketplace and through external stores.

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Addon NameICAOStatus
Billund AirportEKBIWill be converted
Aalborg AirportEKYTWill be converted
Grenaa AirportEKGRWill be converted
Sindal AirportEKSNWill be converted
Herning AirportEKHGWill be converted
Saeby Ottestrup AirfieldEKSAWill be converted
Bornholm AirportEKRNWill be converted
Sonderborg AirportEKSBWill be converted


vPilot received an update on the 17th of August, including MSFS compatibilty.

Last update: 16.08: Added Qualitywings and SimArc OPIS

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