Orbx Releases Sceneries for MSFS2020

Today, Orbx has released four sceneries for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Orbx announced many scenery packages last week, and we are happy to be showing you the features and prices down below.

EGLC London City Airport

EGLC is the UK team’s first scenery for MSFS 2020. The price for the scenery is set to $15.15 and current owners are entitled to get it for $8.99

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Located a stone’s throw away from Canary Wharf and the financial heart of the city, London City Airport is one of the last remaining true inner-city airfields. With one of the most exciting approaches in Great Britain, flying into EGLC takes you over the iconic centre of merry old London.

  • PBR representation of London City Airport and surrounds
  • HD textures throughout
  • Detailed groundpoly
  • Includes the Excel building and the Tate & Lyle Sugar factory
  • PBR static aircraft models
  • Works with Landmarks London City Pack

EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport

EGNM is another of Orbx’s UK team’s first airports for MSFS 2020. This beautiful rendition of Leeds Bradford Airport is set in the English countryside. You can buy it today for $18.04 or for current owners you can get it for $10.79.

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This vibrant and exciting airport for pilots lets you take off in an A320 to your favourite Spanish resort, or try your hand at taking the Q400 to many main cities across Europe. Surrounded by lush green fields and a small town, this airport offers incredible views from your cockpit on final approach.

  • Updated for the next-gen Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • PBR representation of Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Custom ortho
  • Detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment
  • Detailed groundpoly with runway slope
  • Optimised for best performance

LOWI Innsbruck Airport

LOWI is one of the most incredible airports in the world, and ORBX released an updated rendition for MSFS 2020 too! You can get it today for $19.48 or if you are a current owner, you can get it for $11.99

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A true multi-purpose field serving the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is a bustling field that is host to a plethora of airline flights, corporate hi-flyers, rescue and leisure helicopter crew, VFR aviators and even recreational glider pilots. Try your hand at the infamous circling approach to runway 08, test your flying skills with a bad-weather winter departure, or explore the stunning topography in your favourite GA aircraft.

  • The next generation of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Complete Airport & Cityscape 
  • Ultra-detailed PBR rendition of LOWI
  • Stunning Cityscape with 160+ POI
  • New terminal modeled
  • Hand-coloured custom ortho for entire city
  • Snow-season compatible
  • Custom GSE & static aircraft exclusive to LOWI
  • Stunning PBR textures in 2k & 4k
  • Over a dozen custom bridges and overpasses
  • Ultra-detailed groundpoly
  • Painstaking attention to detail
  • Updated vegetation and grass
  • LOIU & LOJO Heliports
  • Major VFR reference points included
  • Carefully optimized for best performance
  • One of the world’s most famous airports!
  • By acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall

Landmarks London City Pack

Landmarks London City Pack by Orbx includes hundreds of Londons most famous buildings and landmarks. You can get it today for $7.93.

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Take flight over the city of London in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and enjoy the true British experience with this must-have pack of London’s most famous and treasured landmarks. We have reproduced hundreds of key buildings and landmarks for you to enjoy as you immerse yourself in flight over the River Thames.

  • Essential addition to the City of London for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • 100’s of iconic buildings and landmarks
  • Fills the gap on incomplete photogrammetry

You can get all of these incredible sceneries today on Orbx’s website.

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