16.7.2020 – 17:47z

Gaya Simulations announces MSFS development plans

Gaya Simulations is the next addon developer to announce development plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The plans from this team will make the flightsim enthusiast happy as well. Gaya plan on bringing all of their sceneries to MSFS2020! But that’s not all, two of their three recently released products for their proximity to cityscapes in the new simulator. The AI technology MSFS uses will render these cityscapes in great detail.

Every airport will be developed natively for the simulator. There are no conversions or ports from P3D. However, this won’t slow down the current roadmap for P3D and X-Plane. The post comforts people that there is no need to worry about that, as the team consists of more than 40 people and that they can handle developing for three simulators at once. Pricing and upgrade fees will be announced in a later post.

Check out our megapost with all the info from all developers that have announced plans for the new simulator here.

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Source: Gaya Sim Facebook page

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