4.5.2023 – 17:22z

Navigraph Charts Features Now Integrated in SimBrief

Through their social media pages, Navigraph announced the integration of new Navigraph Charts features to the SimBrief platform.

Navigraph Ultimate users can now plan flights using four new map layers based on the Navigraph Charts platform. These include:

  • A High IFR layer
  • A Low IFR layer
  • A VFR layer
  • A World map layer

Layers are toggled by clicking the Charts icon in the right-hand corner of the SimBrief maps feature when planning or viewing a flight plan.

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Additionally, the latest SimBrief update supports greater map zoom levels. This allows Ultimate users to zoom down on airport maps and see apron data, which includes taxiways and stand numbers.

Unfortunately, airport charts are not integrated into SimBrief. To access those, users will have to use the Navigraph Charts 8 app.

These features were added through the latest SimBrief update. Only users with a paid subscription to Navigraph Ultimate will be able to access the new features. The subscription is available on Navigraph’s website and will cost you €9.05 per month or €81.64 per year.

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