6.12.2023 – 10:12z

New Aerosoft A330 Developer Update Published

Aerosoft on the first of December took to their Airbus A330 website to share a small development update about this aeroplane and its current stage.

In the previous development update, they spoke about the autopilot tracking and how the issues with lateral navigation were resolved. This time, the beta team is testing the FMS and autoflight systems.

Firstly, the Aerosoft team started off this development update by saying that the engine performance tuning and tweaking is now done, meaning that the engines should behave as realistic as possible.

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For testers, these were tough past weeks, especially because of things not working properly and the A330 was not able to fly A-to-B flight yet. However, this stage is luckily behind, and the Airbus long-hauler is now capable of completing flights with no significant problems.

It was mentioned that this is also because the team has many testers around the world, all of which fly different routes and airports, showcasing that the FMS and custom flight management are good at this stage.

The most common error the A330 makes right now is misunderstanding different types of waypoints. The Aerosoft team mentions this will be resolved soon, but it will be a bit time-consuming task.

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Vertical autopilot modes are undergoing maintenance as well and Aerosoft is also working on both text and video documentation of the aeroplane. They aim to do as much work as possible before the oncoming Christmas break.

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