Aerosoft Shares New Dev Updates for A330

Aerosoft has recently posted two new developer updates regarding their upcoming Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The updates weren’t extensive, but they gave some interesting information to Airbus A330 fans.

In the two mentioned developer updates, the team introduces checklists within this plane and improvements to the autopilot in the second one.

Airbus A330 Developer Update From 12/10/23

Firstly, speaking about the checklists, the Aerosoft team aims to bring a full checklist to the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator checklist menu. This is going to be especially helpful for those who are not familiar with Airbus A330 systems and is going to improve the learning curve.

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Whilst virtual pilots who are already familiar with the plane might not see this benefit, it will especially help newbies and Xbox users.

Developer Update From 03/11/23

The update shared just a few days ago is a bit more extensive. Mentioning improvements to the tracking and autopilot and getting rid of many loose ends from the Prepar3D version of the aircraft.

Aerosoft mentions that this was expected to be an easy fix which turned out to have much larger roots, turning it to be bigger and more extensive problems.

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Furthermore, the post reads that the engines now have correct performance, which is a big milestone for the team behind the A330. Lateral tracking of the autopilot was also fixed, meaning that the plane is no longer making dances around the flight path.

In the near future, the team wants to teach the autopilot how to work with data put into the aircraft systems, such as speed, altitude, vertical climb, descent and so on. This is going to be a more demanding task, as the team wants to have the values recalculated constantly in real-time.

Lastly, Aerosoft mentions the 3D model of the A330, which is nearing its full completion. The only thing remaining now is the systems and the team promised to provide us with more information on this soon.

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