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Aerosoft Updates Us on A330 Progress

Aerosoft has recently shared some more news regarding their upcoming rendition of Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the recently published dev update, they are talking about various aspects of the aircraft

Systems and Instruments of A330

The development team spoke about ECAM, MCDU, autobrakes and GPU in this section of the dev update.

As of right now, the ECAM system has gone through massive improvements to enhance its logic and display, and the team continues to address issues with it gradually.

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Flight Management Systems, MCDU and FMS have seen several updates primarily focused on stability. For example, there were issues in which the MCDU tended to freeze when entering a duplicate waypoint, this is not happening anymore.

The autobrake section logic has been enhanced for more realistic landing scenarios. Speaking of the GPU, its functionalities were updated, but the team didn’t share much information on that.

Cockpit and Animations

Control panels and switches received several improvements. For example, the engine mode selector is now properly mapped, so it will work with external controllers (Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle, for example). Main engine switches are also synchronized in terms of animations, which now accurately reflects engine status in all spawning states.

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There were some display errors on ECAM pages and Navigation Display, too. These were already resolved, though.

Audio and Environment

Currently, the A330 is undergoing an audio subsystem overhaul. This will ensure to make environmental sounds more realistic, including rain sounds.

Ground operations logic also received some updates, fixing the tiller animation for more realistic ground handling. The front wheel on the A330 by Aerosoft is not sliding anymore on the ground.

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Stability and Performance

And lastly, the team spoke about the stability and performance of the Airbus A330. Particularly WebAssembly and MCDU crashes have been the main focus of the Aerosoft team in recent days. Aerosoft mentions that measures have been taken to ensure a smooth and reliable simulation experience.

In the near future, the Aerosoft team is going to focus on the autopilot logic of the A330. This is all going to be based on feedback from the testing team and real-world pilots, to make our simulation experience as enjoyable as possible.

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