Orbx Previews Singapore Landmarks for MSFS

In a brief post, Orbx’s Head of Production & Operations, Ed Correia, has previewed Orbx’s upcoming Singapore Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator during both, the nighttime and daytime.

The product was first announced back in early December 2020. The previews that can be seen below were shared through the Orbx Forums. They all preview numerous landmarks scattered around the city that will be featured in the scenery.

It is for sure going to be a great combination with CloudSurf Asia Simulations’, who recently became an Orbx partner, rendition of Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS).

Based on the announcement post, the scenery will feature a total of 150 Points of Interest (POI) of which 20 are going to be in high-detail and 130 in medium-detail which should be perfectly balanced between quality and performance. Landmarks with high-detail will be, for example, Helix Bridge, Supertree Grove, or The Fullerton Hotel.

Other than that, the scenery is going to feature extensive terraforming across the coverage area, unique laser lights on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, custom night lighting, and enhanced industrial areas between the Jurong Island and Changi Airport (WSSS).

Author: George

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