Orbx Releases Blackwing BW 635RG for MSFS

Orbx took to their Facebook page today to announce the release of their rendition of the Blackwing BW 635RG for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The rendition, a speedy ultra-lightweight aircraft, has been developed in collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer, Blackwing Sweden AB.


Orbx states that the Blackwing BW 635RG has been developed using real-world CAD (computer-aided design) drawings provided by Blackwing. Throughout the cockpit, the geometry and materials have been crafted by 3D artist and industry veteran Mr. Russ White.

Smudges on the screen of the Garmin avionics suite, accurate wear and tear on the buttons and switches, an intricate landing gear, and individual LEDs on the strobe lights have all been modeled. The carbon fiber material of the aircraft is also modeled and can be seen if viewed from a particular point-of-view with light striking at the right angles.

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With such incredible levels of detail, the team has also kept performance optimization in mind. The rendition of the Blackwing BW 635RG includes multiple levels of detail to ensure the flight simulator can choose the best quality/performance specific to your system.


The Blackwing BW 635RG has the full suite of Garmin avionics, from the touch screen G3X to the GMA 435 audio panel, GNC 255 radio, and the GTX 345 transponder. All peripherals have custom 3D modeling.

The electrical system has also been modeled as per the real aircraft’s specifications and includes functioning circuit breakers. Both the master and backup switches perform multiple functions based on the functioning of the real aircraft.

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The built-in GFC 500 autopilot allows simmers to go hands-free and relax allowing the aircraft to cruise along at a maximum altitude of 9,500 feet. The RS Flight Systems’ Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) is also implemented, allowing the engine to run at peak performance while also reducing pilot workload.

Flight model

The team at Orbx took extra care to make sure that the aircraft in the sim flies as close to the real-world aircraft as possible. The aircraft stalls at 38 knots and has a Vne of 173 knots although capable of much higher record-breaking speeds. Blackwing also aided in fine-tuning the aircraft to ensure it flies as close to the real aircraft as possible.

Key features of the Blackwing BW 635RG

  • 3D models and textures based on real-world CAD files
  • Avionics including the touch screen G3X, GMA 345, GNC 255, and GTX 345
  • GFC 500 autopilot
  • Accurate fuel and electric systems derived from real-world documentation including circuit breakers
  • Animated operable canopy
  • 500 nautical mile range
  • 150 m take-off distance, 300 m landing distance
  • Four real-world liveries
  • Virtual Reality support

The Blackwing BW 635RG is a Swedish ultralight and light-sport aircraft designed and produced by Blackwing Sweden of Lund. The aircraft is either supplied as a kit for amateur construction or complete and ready-to-fly from the factory itself. The design features a cantilever low-wing, an enclosed cockpit seating two people, a fixed or optionally retractable landing gear, and a single engine in tractor configuration.

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Orbx’s rendition of the ultralight aircraft can be purchased at the Orbx store here. The rendition retails for AUD 29.68 exclusive of taxes. Do read our review of Orbx Prague Airport for MSFS here or our coverage of their recent update to Landvetter Gothenburg Airport here.

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