Orbx has announced the release of their Fall City Airport (1WA6) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator on their Orbx Direct webpage.

Well-established developer Orbx has maintained their very high standards of work when completing this small yet scenic airfield. The airfield rendition has been modelled accurately, with all the distinct features such as the hangar-homes inside the airfield as well as the specific ground markings being represented. Custom ground textures and vegetation have also been implemented to increase the immersive experience of pilots flying into the airport.

Fall City is a private fly-in community located just outside Fall City in Washington. This airport is quite special as it is one of the few airfields owned by a community of flyers, who would each own an aircraft that they park in their hangar-homes directly attached to the airfield. Its 2000ft asphalt runway makes it perfect for any simmers to venture out and discover the scenic setting of Fall City.

If you are interested, the rendition is available for purchase at the Orbx Direct store for an approximate price of €3,40 (excluding tax).

Author: Darun

My love for aviation was sparked in 2013 at Le Bourget Airshow, after seeing the A380 doing its spectacular display. Since then, I have turned to flight simulation to experience the thrill of being in command of aircraft. My passion for writing as well as my strong interest in aviation has led me to join this fantastic team and contribute to the flight sim community with punctual and reliable articles on the latest news and events.

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