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Parallel 42 Releases Taboo for MSFS

Parallel 42 have recently taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of a new performance tool for MSFS, named Taboo. This tool aims to provide performance improvements for Xbox but also for high-end PCs. The team mentioned that they discovered the avionic blackout issue on Xbox while testing other products and were very annoyed.

What is Taboo?

Taboo is an add-on for MSFS that enables users to deactivate specific avionics to prevent sudden avionics blackouts or micro-stutters. This reduces the memory usage of MSFS and is particularly important for Xbox users, as they often encounter complete avionic blackouts at large airports. On high-end systems, Taboo can be beneficial when flying to larger airports, as it helps improve the overall framerate.

Taboo Showcasing

In the pictures Parallel 42 provided, we can see INOP stickers on all disabled avionic displays such as the PFD, ND and MCDU in the A300.

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The in-game Taboo menu is designed in a very simple way, with a switch for turning off each avionic display individually. After turning off a display, there will be a flickering animation. This simple action saves system memory.

You can get your copy of Taboo at the Parallel 42 Website for $7 or at the in-game marketplace in a few days. FSNews will keep you updated on further Taboo updates. Have a look at this article for more information on recent Parallel 42 releases.

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