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PILOT’S Previews Dash 7 for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator airplane and scenery developer PILOT’S previewed their upcoming Dash 7 alongside an announcement of TDS GTN integration.

Developer PILOT’S has been working hard in a partnership with Simworks Studios to bring this highly anticipated product to the market. Almost a year ago, the initial announcement showed a promising product; this update on product status further proves this point.

The Dash 7 is the spiritual precursor to the de Haviland Comet Dash 8, which has gained wide regional usage popularity. The Dash 7, unlike the Dash 8, is a 4-engined turboprop with extreme STOL capabilities. The quirky airliner never saw widespread adoption, with only 113 being produced, in contrast to the 1,200+ Dash 8s.

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The images in their Facebook post show off the cockpit textures and TDS GTN integration. The low lighting does accentuate the flatness throughout the cockpit. However, there is clear attention to making the cockpit feel worn and a pleasant ambient glow to all the instruments. The TDS GTN integration will be a nice addition for flight simmers wanting the most realistic GTN750 implementation available for MSFS. There is no word on autopilot integration.

Regarding the external photos shared, the developers have paid close attention to the exterior of the aircraft as well. Even on this WIP progress build, the texturing and modeling look fairly detailed and should provide a convincing experience for flight simmers.

PILOT’S have not made much information available to the public regarding this product; however, their Facebook comments indicate community excitement and interest in the project. The Dash 7 would be the only quad turboprop-engined regional airliner available to flight simmers in MSFS, making it a well-placed addition for those interested in classic regional flight.

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While there is no word on an official release date, their Facebook post indicates that the product is quickly approaching completion, with one more beta testing round expected.

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