7.8.2022 – 21:37z

SimWorks Studios Preview Dash 7 for MSFS

The developers at SimWorks Studios have taken to their Facebook page to preview their rendition of the De Havilland Canada Dash 7. The add-on is developed in cooperation with PILOT’S. They announced the development of this aircraft back in February.

The developers are now working on the exterior model. They are designing and placing decals, rivets, panel lines and de-ice boots. The liveries are finished. The aircraft will come with 6 different liveries. Those will be British Antarctic Survey, Air Greenland, Brymon, Berjaya Air, Tyrolean and Continental.

The team has already finished the flight model. They are focusing on tuning the engines. The hydraulic, engine and oil gauges are functional. The basic flight instruments are also up to speed. They said that every day, more and more panels are coming to life.

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The developer hasn’t disclosed the price tag nor the release date yet. If you wish to learn more about SimWorks Studios, I suggest you have a look at Randall’s article here.

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