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PMDG 777 Beta Testing Progresses Well

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has in the first Saturday update of this year shared some more news about the upcoming PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As always, the news were shared via their Forums.

Short Word About the 777

Robert mainly spoke about the beta testing of the aeroplane. He says that the plane proceeds to make solid progress through the beta testing period. Despite that, the PMDG team is nowhere near the point of projecting first release dates.

That is because the 777 still needs some features implemented or tweaked as well as tested, as the team aims to bring the best 777 simulation yet created. The moment this long-hauler nears release, we will get more information about it according to Robert.

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Out of 359 bugs reported so far, 263 of them were resolved from the beginning of the beta testing period to the 6th of January.

More 737 Updates

Furthermore, Robert also spoke about the 737 on Marketplace on both PC and Xbox. The PC version of the series had received a new update and the latest Xbox version is currently being tested. This beta testing build was, according to Robert, special, because it was instrumented with specific capabilities that would allow data communication layers to work on Xbox. This is crucial for the Universal Flight Tablet.

This made PMDG request a special Flight Simulator version, which had these communication layers allowed on Xbox. This made it easier for the team to prove the argument that on the back-end side of things, the Flight Simulator for PC and Xbox behave differently.

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Speaking of the liveries, there are some updates coming to the Marketplace for the range of liveries available. These were held up because of a production-side flaw in the Marketplace distribution system.

If you would like to read more, you can take a look at our previous coverage of PMDG’s development update that was published during Christmas.

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