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PMDG Confirms 737 MAX, Details 2019 Discounts, and Variant Releases

Rober Randazzo of PMDG has earlier today taken to the PMDG forums to share a very interesting update post on their much-anticipated Boeing 737 product line for MSFS.

Boeing 737 MAX for MSFS

While detailing the features of the addon, and how will the other variants be treated, he also officially confirmed that they are planning on bringing the infamous Boeing 737 MAX to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

He did, however, stress that their initial release focus is on the Next Generation variants. He did not want to share any information on the MAX series just yet.

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2019 Discounts

Back in 2019, PMDG offered everyone who purchased the 737NGXu for Prepar3D within a certain period a 99$ discount on the 737NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The community held discussions about how will it be treated now that many high-fidelity addons are released for the platform for a lower price. Rober has today explained, that all eligible customers will receive 99$ credit applicable towards any of the product line addons.

This could suggest that the price of the addon may be lower than the $99 mark. That is, however, only our assumption. Nonetheless, the credit will be applicable to any of the addons in the product line.

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To cite him: “You will be able to use it however you see fit, in any combination of purchases that suits your taste. If you elect to purchase a 737 that costs less than your earned credit, you will retain the additional for a future purchase (..)”.

Variant releases

It is known that the 737-700 will release first. Robert Radanzzo has today further detailed how other variants will be treated. He said that they will be released with a roughly 6-week gap.

He summarized: The initial product to release will be the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS. This package will include the 737-700 in passenger, cargo and BBJ variants with multiple winglet styles and a full and complete set of options and configurations (..).

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Each of the variants will be sold separately. There will be no base package required, as it is often done in the Prepar3D market.

Other cool stuff from the update

Randazzo has also further previewed the aircraft. This time with the focus on the 737-700’s MCP panel. He also commented on the performance by saying that he averaged 40-45 FPS while testing the aircraft.

It is likely that PMDG will lift the NDA and beta testers will be allowed to share their experiences using the aircraft in the simulator.

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The release date remains unknown. The same applies to the exact pricing.

If you want to learn more about the PMDG 737 for MSFS, we would suggest you read Darun’s previous article on its trailer, or Patrik’s article on the previous development update.

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