5.9.2023 – 10:01z

About the PMDG’s EFB, 777 and 737 in Latest Weekend Development Update

Robert Randazzo once again shared some more information with the community about the upcoming stuff by the PMDG team. As usual for the recent development updates, this one also leaves notes on the EFB, the upcoming Boeing 777 and the 737 Marketplace updates.

PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet

Speaking of the PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet, preferably known as PMDG EFB, the things around it are getting exciting according to Robert.

The team is weekly updating the beta version of the EFB, focusing on polishing the functionality prior to the 1.0 release. The beta testing team is now focusing on checking errors in performance calculations, together with the 737-700, which is at the moment the only 737 variant fitted with the EFB, and the team aims to expand their testing to more variants in the close future.

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Speaking of the lucky triple-seven, its name checks out once again. The EFB was fully integrated into this aircraft earlier the previous week, and beta testing of it will take place simultaneusly with aircraft’s beta stage.

The 777 Progresing Well Again

As previously, Robert mentions that the work on the triple-seven is progressing along nicely. Whilst the plane is not beta-testing-ready.

Still, the 777 leverages a ton of development on learning that took place with PMDG’s previous aircraft. This also will result in noticable improvements in performance, utilization and visual quality of the aeroplane, according to Robert.

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Unfortunately for the 777 fans, there are still no previews to be shared by the PMDG’s team at the moment. Hopefully it will happen soon.

737 on Marketplace and Latest Update

Speaking of the 737 on Marketplace, Microsoft begun some changes regarding approval on Marketplace, which yet again slowed down the process of integrating the 737 to Marketplace once again.

Currently, the builds that are available on Marketplace are two months older compared to users who obtained their planes on PMDG.com. However, there are two rounds of updates backed up in the Marketplace, and are waiting approval for all four variants of the 737.

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Speaking of the new update of the 737, the 3.00.0073 is bugfixing previous .0072 and .0071 builds of the add-on. This build is going to enter testing this week. This should also be the last update before the EFB pushes out as they want to save resources and shift them to the 777.

If you would like to read more about PMDG, make sure to read our previous development update coverage here.

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