PMDG More on EFB, 777, Updates 737 for MSFS

Robert Randazzo announced on the Forums that another micro-update for the 737 line-up for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing the EFB update gradually closer to release.

Update 3.00.71

Robert first mentioned that you should download this update via the PMDG website, and not through PMDG Operations Center, as updating it through the app is going to result in pink blank textures on the external model of the aircraft.

Otherwise, it is uncertain why is this glitch happening, however clean installation of this update by downloading the aircraft directly from PMDG servers eliminates this issue, making the update fully functional.

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Overall, the update improves memory use on both lower-end systems and higher-end systems with ultra settings applied, WASM module optimisation and finally highly anticipated engine spool rates improvements and low-RPM behaviour. Furthermore, there are further adjustments to the AFDS roll mode control law and various back-end changes in order to prepare the aeroplane for the EFB rollout.

The Xbox Troubles

According to Robert, it was quite chaos behind the scenes with pushing updates to Xbox releases of the 737 lineup. This caused the updates for -700 and -800 get delayed. However, it seems that nobody is at fault as both PMDG and Microsoft were working close together to maintain internal workflow.

Tablet Implementation into 737

Another beta version of the EFB is being pushed to the beta team that introduces significant amount of changes based on the feedback the testing team gave.

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The PMDG fan base is definitely eager to hear that the PMDG team is internally discussing potential release date of the PMDG Universal Flight Tablet already.

The tablet is naturally going to be a free update for all current PMDG 737 users. It might get realeased a bit later on the Marketplace, though, as the development for Xbox platform seems to be rather unpredictable.

More News on The 777

Currenlty, the PMDG team heavily adjusts the fly-by-wire system of the 777, conducting data within MSFS and comparing the aircraft performance to the real counterpart.

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According to Robert, the testing goes exceedingly well, and the PMDG 777 is already very close to the real Boeing long-hauler.

Most of the fine detail work on the flight deck was accomplished and the implementation of it is underway. The team now aims to verify switch movement, system controls and other refinements. The same applies to the cabin, which, according to Robert, looks exquisite.

Furthermore, displays received complete rewrite, resulting in improvements of fidelity of the displays and utilization of simulator’s rendering engine.

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System integration is also going well, with many minor issues being resolved.

Speaking of animations and 3D model of the aircraft, the external animations are getting completely refurbished, as there is new sequencing for all exterior model animations.

Now, Robert confirmed that the first discussions about 777 in beta testing appeared within the team. However, there are still more details to tie up before the plane is handed over to the testing team.

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PMDG and Navigraph

PMDG confirms that the 777 is going to have modern Navigraph Navdata format, and this has already been accomplished.

The team also wants to take a look into how to implement frequent Navigraph Navdata updates to Xbox.

If you would like to learn more about PMDG, make sure to read our coverage of Mathijs Kok joining their team.

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