PMDG EFB Release Date to be Announced This Weekend

Mathijs Kok posted to the PMDG Forum to reveal the imminent announcement of the long-awaited EFB for PMDG’s 737 series for MSFS.

Months of waiting are coming to a close with the nearing announcement of the release date for this project that has gone through countless delays and apparent developer setbacks. It seems with the arrival of Mathijs Kok at PMDG only three months ago, the project has finally reached a releasable state and is ready for the eager public to tear into.

The announcement was extremely short and included no details. However, there was an attached image of PMDG’s 737 cockpit with the EFB half covered by the captain’s chair. More details are expected to come with the release date announcement this weekend. Stay tuned for that report shortly.

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We do not presently know what features will be included on the EFB, however, it is safe to assume that its functionality should be similar to that of the Fenix A320, being PMDG’s closest competitor in terms of accuracy. The EFB in this screenshot appears to be on the takeoff calculation page. It is also understood that many of the functions included in the PMDG menu within the FMC have been moved to the EFB for ease of access.

FSNews will report on the full feature list and release date as soon as they are announced this weekend. Make sure to look out for that on our dedicated MSFS news, editorials, and updates page.

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