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PMDG Further Details EFB and 777

Robert Randazzo has recently again taken to the PMDG forums to address updates of the current PMDG line-up, as well as what we might see in the near future from the team.

PMDG 737 Update

Firstly, Robert spoke about the 737 line-up being updated to work flawlessly with the recent Sim Update 12. According to him, the team has a lot of structural work going on inside this series in order to better support future modularity with the upcoming PMDG EFB.

Randazzo mentions that the Sim Update 12 broke the 737 parking brake logic. However, this is on Asobo Studio’s side, and the PMDG team is closely working with Asobo to resolve this issue.

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The latest PMDG 737 update doesn’t only bring the Sim Update 12 compatibility. There are changes to the FMC, engine performance and MCP panel.

He also spoke about the 737 in the in-game Marketplace. According to him, the team has various 737 products in various stages of preparation for Marketplace. With the recent changes to Marketplace, Robert is confident enough that this might speed up the process of bringing their products to this retail platform.

What about the Flight Tablet?

The EFB is coming along nicely and the team experiences a slight bit of joy with respect to the current progress of the development process. The operation performance tool is now working normally and it provides correct data to the user. This, together with charting capability are two main features that were being focused on most recently.

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The question of modern NAVDATA reading has been also mentioned in this development update. This has been on their to-do list for over 7 years but it took lower priority over the years. However, it is finally being in the development process.

The Boeing 777 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Lastly, Robert spoke about the PMDG 777 as the next project to be released to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The famous Triple Seven entering beta might be a question of a few weeks’ time. That is the point when we might get the first previews of this long-haul airliner.

Overall, Robert Randazzo has shown his positive feeling about how things are going over at the PMDG team. If you want to learn more about PMDG and their work, read our other article here.

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