PMDG has yesterday taken to their Facebook page to further preview their highly-anticipated rendition of a Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the intentions of developing the aircraft were first announced back in June last year, the aircraft for the new platform was first previewed in March earlier this year.

Initially, the developer was planning on converting all their aircraft from Prepar3D, however, it was recently confirmed, that those plans did not work out, and that they have decided to work from scratch on bringing their aircraft portfolio to the new platform.

The three previews shared yesterday through the developer’s Facebook page showcase the aircraft’s exterior and interior in the simulator. All of the three previews can be seen below in a gallery.

PMDG has spent the last nine days publishing tutorials on their YouTube channel on how to properly operate the aircraft. Under each of the 15 videos released until today, the developer has mentioned in the video description, that the current release of the aircraft is expected to happen in June this year, meaning the following month. No information was yet disclosed on the expected aircraft price.

If you want to learn more about PMDG development for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, we suggest reading through one of our previous articles on the topic here. In that article, PMDG has addressed the estimated release dates of other aircraft they are working on for the new platform as well as described more in-depth how the development progresses.

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