PMDG Hopes to Release 737-600 for MSFS Next Week

Robert Randazzo, the CEO of PMDG, has once again taken to their forums. He gave a new development update on the PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Robert said that if everything goes to plan, we can expect the -600 to release next Friday. Initially, they planned the release for the 20th of June. A couple of months ago Randazzo said that this variant will cost approximately 50$. He hasn’t confirmed that yet.

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As said in our last article on the matter, the delay in the development of this variant was caused by works on the new Lateral Flight Path Model. The PMDG 737-600 will feature this Lateral Flight Path Model along a significantly updated vertical path mode. Thanks to this the add-on will behave like its real-world counterpart.

Along with this announcement, Robert updated us on the progress of the development of the -800 variant. The developers have made several equipment changes to the cockpit to reflect the systems differences between the smaller variants. PMDG is expecting to release the 737-800 variant in/around mid august. Robert also stated that they are making good progress on the previously announced EFB.

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If you wish to learn more about PMDG and their 737, I suggest you have a look at George’s first impressions of the 737-700 for MSFS here.

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