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PMDG Shares First Images of 777 Cockpit

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has shared another Saturday development update, in which this time he shared the first cockpit images of the upcoming Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the last previews on December 25th, this is the first showcase of this anticipated long-haul aircraft of the year.

Firstly, Robert mentions that the PMDG team took a research trip in regards to the 777 product line, this included a technical visit, to compare the PMDG 777 with the real counterpart, to make it as realistic as possible, especially from the visual aspect.

The team also aims to be more opaque with the community about the development. This, according to Robert, changed when Mathijs Kok joined the team and insisted on sharing more information. The post describes that this is not what the PMDG team normally does, but with this project, they changed their approach.

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PMDG 777 Details of Cockpit

The 777 beta continues at a good pace, and another beta version of the aircraft was pushed to the testing team last evening. During the past weeks, the team was focused on bug fixing and finding errors between the C++ code and the Clang compiler, which is used by the simulator.

It was also mentioned that some work is being done on content as well, as the team looks forward to the release, more previews and even a video is on the way to the community. This also means that PMDG starts to go through potential release dates for the aircraft. This release window is still fairly uncertain, though.

The few shared images show the details of the cockpit, such as the Korrey switches, fire extinguisher, the seats and nose tiller, and even a bit of the infamous PMDG EFB, which seems to be already working in the 777 environment. Robert is especially happy with the texturing on the aircraft.

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Lastly, he says that the team is ahead of a few busy weeks as they add more to the 777.

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