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PMDG Shares More 777 for MSFS Previews

Another Saturday goes by and PMDG’s Robert Randazzo took to the Forums to share some more images of the shortly coming Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst the development update was mostly covering the 777 beta, there is some information for Xbox users and 737 changes.

PMDG 777 “Hottest” Previews

Robert Randazzo mentions that he got a little bit trolled by his screenshot team as he mentioned that “things are hot”. This way, he ended up with two preview screenshots that show hot landing gear brakes and a drain mast that has written “hot” on it.

In the second screenshot, we can see more details other than the hot brake discs. On the fuselage, there is a real-time reflection visible and we can also see the PBR on this aircraft in action.

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Speaking of the ongoing beta testing, another beta version is being pushed out to the testing team this weekend. Robert mentions that the beta is now progressing really well, as the development team equals out beta testers finding new bugs.

Over the course of the past six weeks that the aircraft is in testing, the beta testing team was able to find 541 bugs and the developers already resolved 432 of them.

There are still some things that are not ready for the wide community. Despite that, Randazzo is positive about the progress.

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About the 737

The 737 for PC is going to get some new features that were tested on the Boeing 777. The classic operations like doors and aircraft settings, that can now be found in the FMC, are now slowly being transitioned to the tablet with a custom graphical interface.

Speaking of the Xbox version of the 737, the developer still resolves the issue with EFB communication and the aircraft itself. Going back a few development updates, PMDG sent some important data regarding this to the Asobo team. However, since then, there has been a back-and-forth discussion and the issue has been identified and resolved.

Whilst Robert mentioned that he is happy with this news, the simulator fix was not just yet tested, and he’s not certain if it was tested on actual hardware either.

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You can also read more in the previous development update, which covers the first cockpit previews of the 777.

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