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PMDG Updates Boeing 737 Line for MSFS

PMDG’s CEO Robert Randazzo has recently shared some new information about the upcoming Boeing 737-900 through the PMDG forums. In addition, a new update for the whole 737 product line has released the day before Christmas.

Products update

The first forum post from the 24th of December speaks about the update for 600, 700 and 800 variants of the Boeing 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update 3.00.0053 adjusts the aircraft interior behaviour to meet Microsoft Flight Simulator standards. From now on, pilots are able to visit the cabin directly from the cockpit, without having to work around CFG files to get there and create custom views.

Speaking of which, the 737 product line will get openable cockpit doors in a future update. Unfortunately, Robert didn’t mention when such an update will be released to the public.

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The PMDG team also look into stall speed and speed buffet model to make the aircraft behave much more realistic in the air. There are now more fuselage details on liveries and the issue with snowfall inside the cabin is now resolved.

Furthermore, the team has made some small adjustments to the cockpit to make it more optimized. The jetway docking point was also changed.

Something about the Boeing 737-900

According to the forum post from yesterday, the beta team has received the newest build of the 737-900. The 900ER version is also getting love from the PMDG team, and they are expecting a release soon. The release is not going to occur before the end of the year, though. Thus, making January the only viable option for release. This might be subject to change, and this is only our assumption.

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The 737-900 release should also bring the PMDG EFB into life for everyone to enjoy on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The very first build of the 737-900 with PMDG Flight Tablet is going to be available for beta testers on the upcoming Tuesday, January 3rd.

In the third paragraph, Randazzo mentioned that in order to keep a good pace, they will test only one thing from the tablet at a time. This is because the team is also testing some upcoming aeroplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Lastly, 737NG Driver, one of the PMDG beta testers, has shared a smaller preview of the upcoming 737-900 for Microsoft Flight Simulator in his video.

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In the last paragraph, Robert Randazzo wished everyone a Happy New Year, and from his words, it seems that the team would love to push out the 777 the next year. Also, please, let me wish, on behalf of the entire FSNews Team, Happy New Year to you!

If you would like to learn more about the PMDG Flight Tablet, the 777 and some more 737 news, you can read our other article about them here.

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