ProjectFly v4 is close to release

Recently, the ProjectFly developers announced the move from the v3 application to v4. Today, they stated on facebook that the ProjectFly will go offline from 23:00z due to this upgrade.

From the time we said, developers will migrate all the datas to the new application. As the file is almost 1TB big, it will probably take bit longer. The developers thinks it should take one entire day to call it finished. Recently, there was an error with the projectlfy, where it didn’t work for about one and a half day, that’s why the release of ProjectFly v4 got delayed, luckily, the developers paid the bills to the google, and probably next day, we will be finally able to work with their new application, which should have much more features as the most recent one.

Stay tuned on FSNews, as we will inform you about the release and all these things about ProjectFly v4.


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