9.2.2024 – 09:52z

RDPresets Announces Salzburg Airport Scenery for MSFS

The development team of RDPresets has taken to their Facebook page to announce a new upcoming scenery for Salzburg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery also has its release date already, and it is coming sooner than we could’ve anticipated.

About Salzburg Airport

Located in Austria, it is the second-largest international airport in the country and is considered a gateway to Austria’s ski areas.

The airport was built on a former race track when in 1910 the first aeroplane taxied on it. The first official route that was operated by Lufthansa back in the day commenced in 1926.

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Currently, the airport has two main terminals and offers mostly seasonal operations throughout Europe. During winter, you can get to various European destinations from this airport, such as Heathrow, Reykjavík, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bucharest and many more.

What Can We Expect from RDPreset’s Salzburg?

The RDPresets Salzburg scenery is going to be released tomorrow, Saturday, February 10th. The developer promises to deliver highly detailed buildings that are going to have a 3D interior, including people. Speaking of the ground markings, these are going to be sharp and accurate to the real world for the best possible online network use.

RDPresets so far only mentioned the two major features stated above, and they haven’t published the official feature list yet. However, from the images, we can see that the scenery is also going to include details in the surrounding area, with custom object placement and much more.

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Stay tuned to FSNews to be informed about tomorrow’s release as quickly as possible, and in the meantime, you can take a look at RDPresets’ previous release of Marseille Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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