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Rotate Shares an MD-11 WIP Trailer for X-Plane 11

Rotate came out to the flight sim audience by providing a video update on their upcoming MD-11 for X-Plane. Please do bear in mind that this article is solely based on the trailer video, and thus portrays a still WIP aircraft.

The developer (who previously developed the MD-80 Pro rendition) is currently working on an upcoming MD-11 rendition. After long months of silence, Rotate came out of the blue and released a short video showcasing the WIP aircraft. Flight simmers were very happy to see the highly anticipated aircraft in action.

The Flight Deck

The video began with a quick transition from the outside view of the MD-11 to the flight deck. This allowed flight simmers to have a good glimpse of the improved cockpit.

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Firstly, the glowing overhead panel indicates custom and accurate fault lights, indicating that the aircraft is in a standby state. The video also gives a clearer view of the distinctive MD-11 MCP (Multi Control Panel).

Moving down the video, glimpses of the iconic CRT glass displays of the MD-11 embellish the flight deck. PBR texturing is also noticeable in many sections of the flight deck, especially in most used areas such as the yoke. This effect of tarnish and wear gives a more authentic feel to the aircraft. Overall, the attention to detail by Rotate is clearly visible throughout the teaser. A great example of such is the revealing fingerprint marks on the ND display.

Additionally, the video also reveals the pedestal of the MD-11. Screen glare is visible on digital areas such as the COM panel, the TCAS panel or even on the greenish FMS displays. The bulky throttle quadrant is well complimented by 3D modelled buttons.

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Exterior Model

The majority of the video is focused on the astounding exterior modelling of the MD-11.

An important feature of the developed freighter variant, as you may have guessed, is the cargo doors. They are operatable, as demonstrated during the video. Moreover, the trailer includes a brief preview of the inner cabin. However, cargo pallets are missing.

The sheer amount of detail surrounding the fuselage is striking. This goes from the basic plugged windows to the textured grim on the underbelly of the aircraft.

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The aircraft is also demonstrated under different flight configurations. The aircraft is shown during takeoff, cruise, landing and even during the lowering of the landing gear.

If you are interested, you can watch the MD-11 trailer by clicking on the video below:

Unfortunately, Rotate did not provide a release date of their rendition. However, have a read at George’s article if you wish to learn more about the development progress on the MD-11.

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Background information on the MD-11

The MD-11 is a widebody airliner developed by former constructor McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). The aircraft is based on the much older DC-10 and aimed at competing with emerging widebody aircraft (most notably the Airbus A330/A340 and Boeing 777).

Although initial criticism around the MD-11 project was positive, the aircraft wasn’t a major home runner. Production of the MD-11 lasted for 12 years, with the last delivery dating back to October 2000. The lack of orders was mainly due to fierce competition and failure to meet operational targets. Nonetheless, the aircraft is still operating today for a few freighter carriers. Notable operators include Western Global FedEx and UPS.

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