18.3.2020 – 10:52z

RuSky Yak-52 for XP11 updated to v1.25

RuSky Group has today released an update for their Yak-52 rendition for X-Plane 11. Version 1.25 mainly features fixes such as balanced autopilot, corrected flight-model, reworked engine regulator code, and engine + prop power or new sounds being added, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below.

If you have purchased the aircraft via the FSNews Store, simply download either the patch from v1.23 or the complete aircraft via Your Account page. If you don’t the aircraft yet, it can be purchased via the FSNews Store for €41. By purchasing the product via the FSNews Store, the developer gets more money since we take the lowest commissions on the market.

Changelog: v1.25

  • Button “K”  – test lamp fuel gauges don’t work;
  • Some cases in start menu if press start, move aileron;
  • UGR4K rotate if heading move 359 to 0;
  • In archive 1.23 place old instruction (instruction fully reworked in folder Aircraft/manual read first!);
  • Raise and reduce the start menu;
  • Check engine inflation in nominal;
  • Baro for Rus altimeters min pressure 670, add black zone. Add fully rotation;
  • Baro for Eng altimeters. Add fully rotation;
  • Rework da30 for current turning angles;
  • Balanced autopilot;
  • Smooth all gauges needles;
  • If change aircraft after yak, prop for new aircraft not move;
  • Rework engine and prop power;
  • Rework engine regulator code;
  • Correct flight-model;
  • Rework GMK-1A;
  • Bug in control GMK-1A in Magnetic Compass mode (0-300);
  • Air exit from magistaral if flaps not retracted and Lever Flaps stay in “Neutral”;
  • If engine failed work don’t stop. Stop only sound;
  • If engine stop, second start engine don’t work;
  • In second start engine, don’t work command Remove Chocks;
  • Rectangle in clocks not correct work;
  • Fix state ground handling after replay;
  • Fix position windows after replay.
  • Rework some sound
  • Add sounds for gear rolling
  • Add sounds for engine failures

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